I special in 4 areas of design that I am most passionate: Food Packaging Design, Footwear Design and Development, Brand, POP Design


I have worked with many local Australian food brands and produced and designed  successful packaging designs solutions in the dry confessionary category and frozen food category,

My years of experience in this area has strengthened my ability to produce design solutions for the Australian market and international market. i guide my clients to ensure they meet the Australian Food Authority guidelines and ensure all elements required by major supermarket chains and food service distributors are met to ensure immediate trading oppertunities during market entry.

Having worked with multinational food brands and produced countless products currently in the market, i work with a higher standard and ensure the final result is effective, self-promoting, vibrant, informative and will always stand out from the competitors.

What i can offer your company:

  1. Packaging design ready for printing and production (cardboard, plastic films, containers and plastic injection moulding.

  2. Complete artwork set into production dyelines

  3. Packaging design that follows Australian food authority and other quality standards required per category

  4. Effective and eye-catching visual design with self-promoting visual elements that enhance and increase consumer sales conversion


Branding design is my favourite type of work. Having designed products from concept to production, I also worked on many brand identity and logo placement designs to complete the product.

Branding is an essential element of every company, product, service or individual representing themselves to their audience.

Successful brand design is almost always determined by the obvious nature of either the functionality of a product, the category of the product or service communicated on an immediate glance. 

Effective and powerful brand design creates an unforgettable impression to its audience that over time transformed to what we refer to as brand loyalty

What I can offer your company:

  1. Concept development of brand - sketch work and renders

  2. Vector complete artwork

  3. Effective logo placement

  4. Branding that showcases your leading position in the market place.

  5. Branding that helps connect the customers to company


Another design area that I have passion for is footwear design and development. throughout my career, I have worked with many international brands such as Bloch international, Ozify, basement HQ, Marco Gianni, seer footwear (seer wear), 2walkon, made in Italy, Amana hart, drover footwear and others. 

My work within the fashion and footwear industry has resulted in many of my personal designs being mass produced successfully into the international market and still selling till today.


  1. Seasonal collections for both men, women and children's category

  2. Mass-production to low specialised production runs in China, Vietnam and Bali

  3. Factory selection and overseas quality control trips 

  4. outsole and mould design (including 3D printing, realistic Vacuum casting outsoles and parts, Rapid Prototyping).

  5. 3D sketching onto final last to produce pattern designs for pattern maker

  6. Last development (CNC, 3D printing, Duplicating)

  7. screen printing design

  8. stamp design (embossing, foiling, heat stamping, silicon out-bossing)

  9. material selection and comfort enhancing methods - EVA, PHYLON, MEMORY FOAM, TPU, TPR, RUBBER, PORON, PP, PU and others)

  10. Specification sheets and line sheets for complete collection

  11. New technology incorporated designs (Nano technology)

  12. ergonomically or medically approved footwear developments

  13. specialised footwear productions (Insoles, outsoles, ergonomic profiles and athletic support) 


Having worked on projects with Multi-National brands such as KitKat, Mars, Allens Lollies, Lipton Ice Tea, Fancy Feast, Soda Sparkle, Streets Magnum,Logistic, EU BOOM, Fudge hair products and more international brands have allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge within the POP industry.

My strength has always been the ability to capture the point of sales and increase the sale conversion rates for these brands through creative design. My design approach has resulted in the activation of sales during the release or relaunch by some brands that further strengthened brand recognition and resulted in more interactive response, brand loyalty and increased sales by their targeted consumer audience. 

What I can offer your company:

  1. Concept development (3D renders of unresolved designs - to generate design ideas)

  2. Short-Term display solutions 

  3. Permanant display solutions  

  4. Final design prototype in China before production run.

  5. Full set of engineering drawings and renders to hand over manufacturer

  6. Full set of graphics on each surface of design - including dyelines

  7. Rapid Prototyping component design

  8. Mould design

  9. interactive and interlocking design solutions  

  10. Overseas production and quality control procedures