A Complete A-toZ Food Project


In 2016, a small family business approached me to design A new Australian frozen food brand producing Middle Eastern snacks that was expected to launch in that same year. This project was very exciting to work with particularly when the type of food being produced was very innovative and unique itself. 

Having spent time getting to know the background of the food and the passion that drives this family business, I was able to identify aspects of the business I felt needed to translated into the branding.

My approach to capture the brand identity was through researching what the consumer market demands, what type of food is trending amongst the consumers, who are the competitors and what are their strong points, what do consumers expect in food products with regards to preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and what are the misconceptions that consumers have towards frozen food. Identifying the answers to some of these questions allowed me to collect all the strong elements and incorporate them into the branding and the packaging designs.

I chose the name Lamia's Quick Snacks because Lamia happens to be the person who started the family business with her own recipes passed down by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother   - The name Lamia is easy to read, it's used in different nationalities and it holds a more intimate brand identity. Quick Snacks are the two words that communicate the convenience of the product on an immediate 


While the branding is the face of the company, consistent with the use of theme colours, semantics, Pantons, style and attributes should always be the same through all aspects of the company's visual representations be that on business cards, brochures, flyers, campaigns or online. Below you will see that I've maintain a particular theme throughout.


3- The final Lamia's Quick Snacks brand:



effective packaging design is achieved by some design elements that should not be overlooked, these are the following:


The brand of food should always be highlighted or displayed in areas where the consumer is bound to look at when the product is on display. While Lamia's Quick Snacks was relatively new in the market, it is vital to maximise exposure and create familiarity within passing consumers in and around the freezer area. in time, (combined with effective marketing and brand promotion) this will translate in brand preference and loyalty. 


This is purely based on theme colours and consistent brand semantics that are used across all products. In the case of Lamia's Quick Snacks, the food is frozen and consumers generally percieve frozen food as not fresh or healthy which is a general misconception. Colours play partly an important role to reduce this perception. 

To be continued...